Online dating is an opportunity to meet people outside your circle of friends. It's exciting to talk to people from another city, State or even country. Online dating is a virtual melting pot. Here some tips about how to find your perfect someone:

Posting a profile on a website:
  • Finding someone from your own culture or ethnicity is a great way to expand your horizons without steering away to much from your comfort zone. For example, EligibleGreeks is a great place to meet Arabs from countries as far as the United States, Canada, the UK, France, Brazil, the Middle East, etc.
  • Post a photo (or several!). First impressions count on meeting people online, and pictures are worth a thousand words.
  • Describe yourself. Always be honest... And be yourself. At the same time, and this might sounds a little contradictory, but keep a little bit of mystery. Sharing a little too soon might keep frighten that special someone. Also, puzzles are fun to decipher.

After you found that super special profile:
  • Contact them. Don't wait! This person might not be on the market for long!
  • Flirting is always fun!
  • Do not give your contact information too soon, get to know each other first!

If you are contacted by someone who is not your type:
  • Give them a chance! They might be exactly what you're looking for but have not realized it yet!
  • Always be polite! Be as nice as you want people to be with you.
  • If harassed, block this person, do not escalate a conflict!

Meeting your date in person:
  • Always look your best!
  • Be interested on the other person's opinions.
  • Choose a fun but neutral place. When in doubt Dinner + Movies are always a good option, even if a cliche. Other good options are amusement parks, art galleries, picnics or anywhere you might are able to have a good conversation.
  • Meet at the spot you chose. Driving each other is never a good idea, if you don't click.

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